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Concept Testing

Conceptual and Beta Optimization Testing of Products and Services

Attribute Preference / Conjoint / Discrete Choice Analyses

TroyResearch concept interviews are designed to explore conceptual issues at an early stage in the development of a product or service idea, reformulation, line extension, etc.

Interactive survey questions provide a more dynamic respondent experience; respondents can flip through a virtual magazine, view a 3D simulation of a new product concept, purchase products from a virtual store shelf or engage in a full scale shopping experience via a virtual store. (To experience our interactive simulation / virtual tools, click here.)

We explore customer / consumer needs, wants and past experiences, uncovering specific issues in directional detail. Our online concept interviews can involve open-ended questions with built in probing techniques to give respondents the opportunity to give their rendition in the most descriptive manner possible.

Your success as a business depends greatly on your ability to learn about the ways in which respondents use products or services, what they think of existing products and services and/or what they feel is missing or could be improved to better meet their needs.

TroyResearch can help you!