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Phone: 740.549.9700
Mail: 947 E. Johnstown Rd. #242
Gahanna, OH 43230 USA

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Bill Troy
ext. 64 or

Jonathan Little
VP/Sales and Client Service:
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Hosting And Managing Panels

Ownership - While your panel would be hosted on our servers, we explicitly spell out that you will own all panelist data and will have complete awareness and control over any and all activity related to the use of your panel.

Panelist interactions - Typically, we provide a complete set of interaction services for clients who host panels with us. Our staff handles any and all questions or problems that panelists might have and we interface with panelists on all survey invitation and incentive issues. Our goal is to interact with your panelists under your brand identity exactly as you would if you had the time and infrastructure to do it yourself.

Record maintenance - Through a combination of automated processes (for handling bad email address bounce-backs, for example), self-help tools (to allow panelists to update their profile), and any necessary manual adjustments, panelist data is kept as clean as possible and constantly up-to-date.

Incentive programs - Whether you desire per-complete, sweepstakes or points/reward incentive programs, we are prepared to manage every aspect of the program, from the sourcing of appropriate prizes to integration of the program with internal or external survey engines to fraud monitoring.

Data security - In addition to hosting your panel on a dedicated, multi-redundant hardware infrastructure system co-located at a tier-one facility, we regularly test the security of all panelist data through intrusion testing and other proactive security testing procedures.