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BAS / New Business Development made easy

A TroyResearch Brand Awareness Study is a web-based top of mind awareness study of 30 business categories fielded in a local media market. It is a market-exclusive tool that generates meetings, leads and sales like nothing else. Sales teams using Brand Awareness Studies routinely generate $300,000 to $500,000 in sales from new clients.

Conducted with a client’s own audience or with a market-wide sampling approach, a Brand Awareness Study shows businesses how effective their marketing is compared to their competitors. Your sales team is armed with valuable data that will spur meaningful meetings with dozens–or even hundreds–of business owners.

Available on either a cash or revenue-share basis, TroyResearch Brand Awareness Studies have made believers out of sales managers in market after market. We'd be happy to let you talk to them and hear about the power of this tool yourself.

Jonathan Little
VP Sales - Troy Research
Phone: 740-549-9700, x61

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